‘We are going to bate ye to death’: Chilling message in gang video amid calls for stricter sentencing for serious crime  

‘We are going to bate ye to death’: Chilling message in gang video amid calls for stricter sentencing for serious crime  

LAW AND DISORDER: A screen grab of the video showing armed gangs in Cork.

"WE are going to bate ye to death, ye dirty tramps.”

This was the chilling message from one Cork city gang to another in a video published on social media on Wednesday evening.

The video was put up hours after footage was uploaded by a rival gang, calling out the other group.

Following the publication of the videos, gardaí pledged to increase patrols in locations across the northside.

In the videos, dozens of men, mostly dressed in dark clothing and some armed with implements, can be seen.

The men’s identities are cloaked with black masks.

The videos are believed to be linked to an assault on a man near the cinema in Blackpool on Sunday.

He was assaulted with a hurley by a group of men.

The man received hospital treatment but has not made a complaint to gardaí about the incident.

In the first video, one man does most of the talking, surrounded by a group of men all dressed in dark clothing.

He accused members of the opposing group of “putting up bits of pictures” on Facebook.

He continued: “Ye don’t know who ye are fucking messing with.”

Sentencing guidelines need to be implemented to ensure “serious crimes attract serious penalties” according to the Sinn Féin leader.

Mary Lou McDonald was speaking while canvassing in the Greenmount area of the city on Thursday, a little over 200 metres away from where 20-year-old Cameron Blair was stabbed and killed last week.

Speaking to The Echo Ms McDonald said that people often tell her that the punishment rarely matches the crime in Ireland, and also called for a review of the judicial system generally.

“There’s no doubt that there are special measures needed to deal with the level of depravity of the crimes that we’re seeing.

“We shouldn’t be knee-jerking, we need to be thoughtful, we need to be determined, and above all we need to get these thugs off the street,” she said.

She also called for maximum recruitment in An Garda Síochána, as well as reviewing community supports.

The Sinn Féin leader also called for good contact to be established, especially with young people in the community, to avoid people “falling into this way of life, this so-called gangland activity.”

Following a rise in unelated violent crime in the city in recent weeks - including the murder of student Cameron Blair, an incident in which 23-year-old dad of three Keith Greaney from Dunard in Mayfield was doused in petrol and set alight and several other alleged assaults and attacks on property  - advocate for the elderly in Cork, Paddy O’Brien, said people living alone are “scared out of their minds”. He has urged younger people to check on elderly relatives and neighbours who are living alone.

"People are nervous, especially people living alone They can't believe what is happening. They are scared out of their minds," Mr O'Brien said.

"The real victims are the people housebound, isolated and alone wondering 'Oh my God, what will happen to me?'

"People are nervous, scared, they don't want to open their door, one man said his mother said to call him before he visits or she won't open the door.

"Another woman told me her mother is afraid to go to morning mass.

"We have to do something, I would appeal to the younger people in society, young couples and that, to call on their elderly neighbours and befriend them. Knock on their doors, ask them are they alright, do they need something from the shop. Keep an eye out for them," he added. 

A screengrab of one of the videos.
A screengrab of one of the videos.

In relation to the gang videos, councillor John Maher called for the Garda Commissioner to intervene in Cork policing and allocate resources after a video emerged of up to 40 masked individuals issuing threats and promising violence.

“There is no place for this behaviour in our city. It is concerning that this video has emerged, almost as if there is no fear from the Authorities.” “This is the latest example of an atmosphere of lawlessness pervading our city after a number of attacks and assaults coupled with robberies right across the city. A high visibility presence of Gardaí is needed but will only happens from permanent Gardaí being allocated and allocated to specific areas like the Northside to protect ordinary decent people.”

Independent general election candidate, Cllr Ken O'Flynn, said there is a culture of fear in Cork now given high profile crimes recently, and the release of the two videos.

He said he noted on the campaign trail that people are nervous in opening their doors to canvassers after dark.

And he said: “This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable, it is becoming a new low in Cork society. These people seem to feel they can operate above the law, they seem to think they are untouchable. People in some areas are afraid to open their doors, afraid of even going into shopping centres because of all this violence.” He added: "The guards are doing the best they can but they have not been funded. Talking to guards on the street they are under savage pressure, there are just not enough boots on the ground."

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