Objections lodged on plan to turn city shop into apartment block

Objections lodged on plan to turn city shop into apartment block
Sweeney's Daybreak in Rochestown

FIFTY objections have been made against a proposed residential development in the city.

Permission has been sought to demolish the existing Sweeneys Daybreak Convenience store on the Rochestown Road.

The applicant is then seeking to construct an apartment block that includes one two-bed apartment at ground floor level and three two-bedroom apartments over three floors.

Permission is also sought to carry out alterations and an extension to the existing dwelling connected to the store, to change the use to two two-bed apartments.

They also want to increase the width of the existing vehicular entrance to the dwelling, to facilitate car parking.

Many locals, in the already residential area of Kiltegan Park, have objected to the development. Many of the submissions are identical and have been individually signed by individual householders in the area.

Size and scale are some of the issues pointed to in the multiple submissions, as well as the design, massing, and density of the proposed structure.

Objectors claim the development is contrary to Cork City Council’s development plan 2014 in terms of its density. They also state that there has been an inadequate amount of information submitted with the application, including topographical surveys, traffic impact assessments, and contiguous elevation drawings.

Submissions claim that the development would be “detrimental to the residential amenities of the estate and would be inconsistent with established policy and precedent if this planning permission was granted.” 

Other submissions label the proposed apartments a “health and safety risk” due to the number of cars that could be parked at the entrance to the estate. One objector has said that they have issues with the “gargantuan nature of the proposed apartment complex.” 

Another says congestion and lack of adequate parking would be dangerous, and says the proposed structure isn’t in keeping with the residential nature of the existing dwellings.

A decision from Cork City Council on the development is due next week.

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