Man stood in the middle of Shandon Street with machete

Man stood in the middle of Shandon Street with machete

A machete was carried by a man standing in the middle of Shandon Street

A MACHETE was carried by a man standing in the middle of Shandon Street bringing daytime traffic to a standstill but his defence was that he had taken it from a woman attacking him, a court heard today.

25-year-old Gary Christopher O’Reilly of Kilahuddrick Close, Clondalkin, said that apart from the woman coming at him with the machete there were also two men confronting him with other weapons.

“They had a baseball bat and a hurley. 

"I got a smack of the hurley in the face and the baseball bat in the head. 

"Then the woman came at me with a machete. I took it off her. I took it out of her hand,” O’Reilly claimed.

Garda Peter Desmond said that just before noon on May 5, 2018, he was on his way up Shandon Street in a patrol car when he saw O’Reilly in the middle of the road with a machete.

“Traffic was at a standstill. 

"He had the machete in his right hand. He ran down a laneway. 

"When he was coming back up the laneway on to Shandon Street he had no machete. He had discarded it,” Garda Desmond testified.

Defence solicitor, Frank Buttimer, said that the accused came back out of the laneway. 

Garda Desmond agreed but added, “It was a dead end.” 

Mr Buttimer said the defendant was from Dublin and would not have known the streets very well. He said the defendant’s father – who was present in court for the case today – was from Cork.

Garda Desmond testified that what he established on the day was that the accused man heard that two men were on his way to his father’s house and he decided to head them off before they got there.

Mr Buttimer said the accused did not bring the knife to the scene that morning. The solicitor said the defendant took the machete from the woman who was approaching him. 

“Thanks be to goodness he did so – that he did dispossess her of the item,” Mr Buttimer said.

Sergeant John Kelleher cross-examined the defendant and said, “Unfortunately for you, you ran down a cul de sac and that was why you came back and pretended to be the innocent party.” 

O’Reilly said, “I am the innocent party.” 

Judge Olann Kelleher said he did not accept that. He convicted him and sentenced him to six months in jail for having the machete.

“This is a very serious offence. We are all aware of the difficulties of carrying knives, and this was a machete on the open street,” Judge Kelleher said.

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