City Hall launches probe following local anger at Mahon Point traffic 

City Hall launches probe following local anger at Mahon Point traffic 
The bus gate at Mahon Point Shopping Centre

CITY Hall has launched an investigation into the alleged misuse of a buses-only access gate to Mahon Point shopping centre.

Residents living close to Mahon Point say the sensor-controlled barrier, which is designed to facilitate only buses driving in and out of the shopping centre site, was used over Christmas to ease car park congestion.

Loughmahon Residents Group have warned City Hall they are willing to block the main Mahon Point junction on the Link road if they do not see progress in the investigation of the alleged misuse of the access point in the next week.

Mahon Point Shopping CentrePic; Larry Cummins
Mahon Point Shopping CentrePic; Larry Cummins

Cork City Council has said they are investigating the alleged misuse of the Mahon Point Bus Gate during the Christmas period.

“The bus gate is a valuable piece of infrastructure serving one of the busiest bus routes in the City. It is designed to facilitate access for buses only. The use of the bus gate for other vehicles is not permitted.”

Former councillor and Lord Mayor Chris O’Leary, who is a local resident, said that the Loughmahon group are fed up of being ignored and are willing to take action to ensure they are heard. 

Mr O’Leary said he was in communication with City Hall and was told a meeting of engineers along with the roads directorate was to take place in the coming days in order to discuss the matter.

“The residents are very frustrated. There is excessive congestion and it is affecting our quality of life.”

Mr O’Leary said he was shocked and horrified to see that the system, which was supposed to be tamperproof, was allegedly misused by the centre.

The residents are also seeking an up-to-date traffic management plan from Mahon Point.

Speaking about the possible action that residents said they may take, Mr O’Leary said that is a final option.

“We are open to dialogue and we don’t want to take these actions but they need to give the residents some respect. We are giving them time to come up with a response, we want a planned thought out response in the next week or so.”

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