Hundreds of UCC students register to vote

Hundreds of UCC students register to vote
UCC voter sign up. Photo: An Garda Siochana

More than 800 voter registration forms were handed out at University College Cork on Tuesday, with 683 students signed up to vote on the spot.

UCC Students’ Union, along with Gardaí from Bridewell Garda station, the Union of Students in Ireland and others were on hand outside Boole library to help students register to vote.

David Condon Commercial and Communications Officer for UCCSU told The Echo that there was huge interest in campus. “There was a huge turnout here and a huge amount of students interested in getting registered.

“It’s also the same across other college campuses, but I think we’ve had the most of any of the college campuses,” he said.

Ciara Kealy, Deputy President and Campaigns Officer said: "It’s just amazing to get so many students to turn up. I think it really shows how desperate people are to finally get a chance to be heard and to be represented. 

"For far too long students, and their parents at times, have been cash cows for the government. We’ll have the highest fees in Europe after Brexit and that’s so disheartening for students trying to access education, and also quite frankly embarrassing. 

"In just ten years the student contribution charge has risen from €800 to €3000. It’s time we see higher education being funded properly and sufficiently."

She went on to thank all the agencies involved in making the day a success, as well as the students who came out to register.

"The success of the day truly lies with the students who came out to register and the support the Students’ Union received. We had an amazing group of student volunteers who helped along with SpunOut, The USI and also the community Gardaí, who truly saved the day by staying two hours longer than originally planned so students could register to vote. 

"I hope this sends a clear message to all the candidates running that the student voice is here and it is clear we all want change and we all want to finally be listened to and respected," Ms Kealy concluded.

The Cork campus saw long queues of students waiting to sign up on Tuesday, similar to queues seen in the city centre when Cork Votes were helping people to register over the weekend.

200 people from the city and county were registered to vote on Saturday.

Registration drives are taking place across the city in a bid to ensure people can vote on February 8th.

There is still time to register to vote, but forms must be signed, stamped by the Gardaí and returned to the relevant local authority by the close of business this evening, January 22nd.

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