Cork Cine Club celebrates 10 years with new season

Cork Cine Club celebrates 10 years with new season
'Rojo' will be presented by Cork Cine Club on Thursday February 6.

The latest season of ten films begins on Thursday January 23 and runs until Thursday April 5.

The films are screened in St John's Central College on Sawmill Street on Thursday nights at 8pm.

The club was founded by a group of foreign film fans in 2010 after the closure of Cork's art-house cinema, the Kino. 

Cork Cine Club presents two seasons of ten films every year and it also regularly offers to showcase short Irish films before the main event. 

Over the last decade, the club has screened 208 films from 57 countries, including 15 documentaries and one animated film. 

The new, 22nd season includes films from France, Germany, Argentina, China, UK, USA, Spain, and Colombia.

The season opens on Thursday 23 January with 'Le Brio' from France. The plot follows a law student of Algerian descent clashing with a controversial professor who uses language tainted with racist slurs. He is given one chance to redeem himself.

Next up is 'Transit' on Thursday 30 January, a thriller about refugees, riot police and stolen identities in 1940s Germany. The film is directed by Christian Petzold, the director renowned as a modern master of suspense and a poet of Germany’s divided self.

'Rojo' will be screened on Thursday 6 February, and is set in 1970s Argentina just before the coup that installed the military junta. The life of a seemingly honest lawyer unravels as middle-class society turns a blind eye to the brutality of an emerging dictatorship and "the disappeared".

Tickets cost €8.50/€7 concession and are sold at the door. Season tickets are €60/€45 concession and are available for purchase at the first two films. 

Foreign language films are subtitled.

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Cork Cine Club is supported by Access Cinema, a resource organisation for regional cultural cinema, and by The Arts Council of Ireland.

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