Gardaí warn public to be wary of counterfeit money this Black Friday

Gardaí warn public to be wary of counterfeit money this Black Friday
Counterfeit €20 notes have been discovered in Mitchelstown.

As the public are due to hit the shops in their droves this Black Friday, Gardaí are asking people to be vigilant of counterfeit money.

The advice goes out to traders and shoppers alike as fake €20 notes were discovered in Mitchelstown.

In an appeal, Gardaí stated that the counterfeit money was a good imitation and warned people to be wary:

"These notes are fairly good quality but are slightly smaller than they should be and don’t have the 'feel' of a real banknote. 

"So when you’re shopping locally around Black Friday and up to Christmas, check your notes – it only takes a couple of seconds."

The 'look, tilt, feel' test should distinguish counterfeit notes from real ones.

By inspecting a real banknote against the light, the portrait window, watermark and security thread should all be visible.

Tilting it should reveal the portrait of Europa in a transparent window on the silvery stripe and the emerald number displays an effect of the light that moves up and down.

Finally, by feeling a real banknote, you should be able to detect the raised print that is characteristic of authentic money.

The public is urged to contact their local Garda branch if they think they have been scammed. 

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