Cork woman carried a claw-hammer in her handbag on a visit to court; she has over 100 previous convictions

Cork woman carried a claw-hammer in her handbag on a visit to court; she has over 100 previous convictions
The woman carried a claw hammer in her handbag. Stock image.

A WOMAN who carried a claw-hammer in her handbag on a visit to court was jailed for 18 months for carrying the weapon.

Judge Brian O’Callaghan imposed the jail term of two and a half years with the last year suspended at Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

The judge expressed concern that the young woman was able to walk around inside the courthouse with the weapon in her bag.

Juilliane O’Farrell admitted carrying a claw-hammer in her handbag during an incident in the foyer of the courthouse.

O’Farrell of 8 Marble Park, South Douglas Road, Cork, pleaded guilty to the charge that on September 5, 2018, at Cork District Court on Anglesea Street she had with her in a public place a claw hammer intended to cause injury or intimidate a person produced in the course of a dispute in a threatening manner.

Sergeant John Kelleher previously outlined what happened.

“Gardaí were nearby dealing with another issue when Garda Jason Daly noticed the defendant (and a man) standing over another man,” Sgt Kelleher said.

The evidence was that the man with O’Farrell reached into her handbag and took out a small claw-hammer and held it in a threatening manner over the other party.

Garda Daly saw this and then the man put the hammer back in O’Farrell’s bag.

The same woman made headlines recently for shoplifting in Cork city centre during a lunchtime break at Cork District Court on a day when she faced sentencing on multiple counts of shoplifting.

She has over 100 previous convictions – about one third of them for theft.

Judge Olann Kelleher said in that case, “It is an almost frightening thing. She had a baby six weeks ago. And on September 26 she is before the court, she went out at lunchtime and went stealing items and came back after lunch.

“She does what she pleases – someone leaving the court and going robbing – to use a colloquial word – and then coming back into court at 2pm.” 

The judge sentenced her to ten months in prison for this and other crimes.

The sentenced of 18 months now imposed on her will run concurrently with that sentence imposed last month.

The lunchtime crime consisted of going into Elvery’s Sports on Oliver Plunkett Street with two other women and stealing a pair of Puma leggings and an Adidas jacket. 

She admitted pulling the tags off those items, causing damage, and a related charge of handling the stolen property. 

She also admitted several thefts from Cork city stores during August.

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