Murder accused had blood on his hands and was clearly panicked, trial hears

Murder accused had blood on his hands and was clearly panicked, trial hears
Patrick 'Ginty' O'Donnell who died in Mitchelstown. Pic from Provision

The ambulance called to the pub at the centre of the Mitchelstown murder trial did not arrive for 45 to 50 minutes and it came from Tipperary, a witness at the scene testified today.

Evidence was also heard of the accused saying: “I killed a man with two blows.”

28-year-old Michael Dineen of Ard Mhuileann, Mitchelstown, denies the charge of murdering 36-year-old Patrick O’Donnell at Willie Andies bar on New Square, Mitchelstown, on June 1 2018.

He admits to being guilty of manslaughter, not guilty of murder.

Ted Fitzgerald, a customer in the pub that night said he pretended to be on the phone at around 10pm to avoid interacting with the accused and others. Mr Fitzgerald said that after the assault, Michael Dineen was panicking and demanding water from behind the bar.

“He was saying, ‘Give me a pint of water, and I’ll wake up Paddy’. He was banging the counter saying, ‘Pint of water, pint of water, pint of water. I want to wake up Paddy’. There was blood on his hands. He was clearly panicked,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

Chloe Dingivan-O’Connell said she was pregnant and went on to give birth the next day. That night she had a craving for Vicks Vapo-rub and called to the pub to get a key to a house from someone she thought might be there.

She met Theresa Walsh, who was working there, and she looked so terrified she could not speak.

“She said, ‘Don’t go in, I think he’s dead’. I told her I had CPR training. Michael Dineen came over and said, ‘I killed him, I killed him.’ “I saw Paddy (the deceased). I told Thomas Quilligan to start compressions. He was not breathing. He was badly bashed up. I could not do it myself (because of being heavily pregnant). I showed Thomas Quilligan how to do it… He started breathing again. You could see the bubbles of breath in the blood on his nose. He looked dead. You could physically see he was trying very hard to breath.

“I asked Thomas Quilligan to put him in a recovery position and made sure he knew how to do that,” she said.

Tim O’Leary senior counsel for the prosecution suggested that the ambulance came relatively quickly.

The witness replied: “It took 45 to 50 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. They were sent in from Tipperary.” He was pronounced dead at 11.16pm that night.

Matthew Dawson-Furey was on duty as a security man outside another pub in Mitchelstown that night and he saw the accused shouting something in the middle of the road with his top off. He said cars turned around and went the other way.

“He was quite erratic and irate. He was going over and back in the middle of the road, swing around and shouting. He said: ‘I am f***ing Michael Dineen’. He said it a few times. He was looking for someone. He was shouting at me looking for an individual in the bar.”

“He started punching the picnic table (outside the premises). He said he killed a man below with two blows. He said it kind of boasting. I wasn’t sure if he was threatening me… I felt threatened.”

Mr Justice Alexander Owens asked the jury of six men and six women to return to the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cork today — the fifth day of the trial.

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