Segregated litter bins ‘should be implemented’ across county

Segregated litter bins ‘should be implemented’ across county

"Where the council provide a bin, it should have a recycling section.”

SEGREGATED public litter bins should be implemented across Cork county Fianna Fáil Councillor Gearóid Murphy has suggested.

Mr Murphy raised the issue for a second time, having first tried to initiate a dialogue about the concept last March.

“This motion does exactly what it says on the tin, it is not seeking to install more or fewer public waste bins, it is simply based on the principle that where the council provide a bin, that it should have a recycling section.”

Mr Murphy said he found it astonishing that the council doesn’t have segregation. “I know that cross-contamination is an issue that people throw non-recyclable waste in recycling bins.

“But one thing is 100% certain where there is no recycling facilities in the public realm, there is 100% waste thrown into the bins is not recycled, surely some being recycled is better than none at all.”

Mr Murphy said he knew a scheme had been trialled in Dublin but highlighted the fact that Clonakilty has its own segregated waste bins and asked that system be looked at and a report to be sent back to the council.

Green Party Councillor Liam Quaide said that this is an area where the council needs to have ambition. “We won’t have cultural change on recycling and waste separation until this is made easy for people and until there is monitoring of such bins and enforcement of penalties for those who misuse them. “There will be difficulties with implementation but the benefits of such an initiative would far outweigh these.

“There is significant cross-contamination of domestic bins. Does that mean we should give up on domestic recycling?”

County Hall Chief Executive Tim Lucey said he did not think it was fair to paint County Hall as if it had walked away from recycling in the chamber, as that was not the case at all. 

“Lets be clear about where the ground lies in relation to this matter. We have provided significant facilities for recycling across the county. The matter will appear at the Environmental SPC, when they meet, which I think is in March.”

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