'There is a very harsh truth behind a cup of milk or a piece of steak'

'There is a very harsh truth behind a cup of milk or a piece of steak'
The Ceann Comhailre, Seán Ó Fearghaíl TD welcomes the Youth Assembly on Climate to Leinster House and the Dáil Chamber.Pic shows members of the Youth Assembly inside the Dáil Chamber listening to Eric Ehigie, Longford speaking.PIC: Maxwell Photography 

Held in conjunction with RTÉ, the landmark event was in recognition of the leadership of young people in highlighting climate issues and in the context of the centenary of the first Dáil.

The delegates convened in Leinster House to establish the next urgent steps for Ireland and presented them to the nation live from the Dáil Chamber on RTÉ and Oireachtas TV.

Speaking on the topic of food and farming, 16-year-old Alma Victoria Krause from Cork said: "Agriculture accounts for one-third of all Irish greenhouse gas emissions, making it pivotal to tackle."

She recommended that current farming methods be reconsidered and that meat and dairy consumption should be reduced:

"There is a very harsh raw truth behind a cup of milk or a piece of steak as both the production of meat and dairy are highly industrialised."

Continuing her speech, Alma said: "The exportation and importation of goods are central to the economy, however, 15% of C02 is contributed by the aviation industry alone. 

"This should provoke us to enquire if we must purchase strawberries in November. 

"We must start eating consciously, locally and seasonally for all of us to make a difference."

The delegates presented 10 recommendations at the conclusion of yesterday's assembly including a ban on the importation of fracked gas, a tiered Tax on Emissions from large companies including those under capital ETS, and a labelling and pricing system showing the climate impact of food products based on criteria such as impact of packaging and distance travelled.

The Ceann Comhailre, Seán Ó Fearghaíl TD said that these recommendations would be communicated directly to each member of the Houses of the Oireachtas. 

He commended the young people for their recommendations and urged the public to support them.

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