Operation Transformation leaders 'dreading' the first weigh-in

Operation Transformation leaders 'dreading' the first weigh-in
Andrea and Barry Rae, Cork participants in Operation Transformation, 2020, with presenter Kathryn Thomas

THE first episode of Operation Transformation kicked off last night, with homes the length and breadth of the country tuning in for the start of the latest series.

This year, Cork is well represented with three of the five leaders hailing from Cork.

Ahead of the first episode, the Ray D’Arcy Radio Show broadcasted live from Glanmire, the hometown of leader, Tanya Carroll.

Three days into the new diet and fitness regime, Monday came as a shock to the system for the mum of four.

“Monday was just ridiculous.

“I was trying to cook dinner and I actually didn’t know what I was doing,” she told The Echo.

For Tanya, the diet aspect of the plan has been the most challenging thus far, in particular cutting out her beloved Coca Cola.

Likewise, for Andrea Rea who is taking part in the show alongside her husband Barry, old habits are proving difficult to change.


“Definitely cutting out food items you like and trying to make sure you’re eating the right stuff is hard.

“They’re kind of leaving us off the first week to figure it out, so we could get given out to on Sunday,” she said.

Tanya is equally fearful of the first weigh-in on Sunday.

“I think if we do something wrong, they’re going to be down our backs like a tonne of bricks.

“I’m already dreading what Aoife [registered dietitian on the show] is going to say to me on Sunday!”

Andrea and Barry, who are living in Ballinlough, are making history as the first couple to appear on OT.

“It’s easy in one sense because we can help each other out.

“This morning, Barry was out early so I did all the lunch and breakfast prep and then Monday and Tuesday I was busier so he did all the prep, so it actually works quite well because we both have a reason to stick exactly to it.

“Neither of us wants to get given out to on Sunday.”

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