Cork court told man produced knife in terrifying ordeal for his father

Cork court told man produced knife in terrifying ordeal for his father

A KNIFE was produced by an agitated 28-year-old man during a domestic incident at his home over the Christmas holidays prompting his father to call the gardaí.

The young man has pleaded guilty to a charge of breaching a protection order arising out of that incident on December 28 and two similar charges in respect of breaches of the court order on two dates earlier last month.

The defendant spent almost a week in custody and was brought before and in-camera hearing of Cork District Court today.

Defence solicitor Joseph Cuddigan said the defendant’s father agreed that it would be more beneficial to hold sentencing over the accused rather than finalising the matter today.

Judge Olann Kelleher agreed to put back sentencing for one week but on strict bail terms where the accused agreed to keep all medical appointments and attend all meetings related to addressing his alcohol problem. 

The defendant undertook to attend with a psychiatric consultant, Pieta House, the probation service and Alcoholics Anonymous. 

The defendant’s father confirmed that a series of appointments had been made for the coming week and that it was now in his son’s hands to take responsibility for himself.

Sergeant John Kelleher outlined the background to the three different matters before the court today.

The first breach occurred when the defendant pushed his father and put him in fear. The accused was intoxicated at the time and gardaí were called to the scene.

The second incident occurred on the afternoon of December 18 when the accused borrowed his father’s car with his permission but returned later and was clearly intoxicated and unable to stand. 

The young man’s father took the keys from him but the defendant responded by verbally abusing his father and attempting to swing for him a number of times. 

This verbal abuse and attempts at swinging for his father continued and again the gardaí had to be called.

The most serious incident occurred on December 28 when the defendant threatened his father and other family members at their home. 

The father was put in fear and he alleged that his son was holding a knife when arguing with him and this was why the threats put him in fear for his safety and the safety of other members of the family, including the defendant himself.

The accused had a previous conviction for breaching a protection order in November 2014 and obstructing a garda in June of that year. He was put on a probation bond in respect of both of those offences.

Mr Cuddigan said the young man was never in prison before he was remanded in custody last week.

“With regard to the incident with the knife he was agitated and (his father) was afraid someone would be injured,” the solicitor said.

He added that the accused did not like the period he spent in custody.

Judge Olann Kelleher was told that despite the breaches the family of the accused were willing to take him pending his sentence next week.

Judge Kelleher told the young man, “If there is another incident you will be in jail. I would much prefer you to get help rather than custody.”

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