Number of complaints against Cork students revealed

Number of complaints against Cork students revealed
UCC received 472 complaints through its Campus Watch system from 2015-present.Pic: Gavin Browne

Between the two institutions, there were 480 official complaints against students from 2015 to the present.

The complaints related to antisocial behaviour, damage to property, and lack of respect towards staff and fellow students.

UCC received 472 complaints against students from 2015 to the present, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. 

UCC student complaints are dealt with through their Campus Watch system.

332 students were recorded as having disciplinary measures initiated against them during this period.

However, Campus Watch initiate disciplinary procedures against a student when a complaint is submitted, but not all students who have complaints made against them are deemed to have breached the Student Charter.

Campus Watch facilitated zero mediations in this period. "This measure is allowed for within the Campus Watch policy but both parties in a dispute must be willing to participate," according to UCC.

The 472 complaints related to breaches or potential breaches of the Student Charter.

402 complaints related to a lack of respect for members of the public, including noise complaints or antisocial behaviour. 

34 related to lack of respect shown to fellow students. 

32 related to incidents where a student may have brought the University into disrepute (other than noise or antisocial behaviour). 

Two related to damage of property by a student.

A further two relate to a lack of respect for staff.

UCC noted that Campus Watch has been administered by the Accommodation and Community Life Office since August 2017 and records from before that time do not contain full details on the number of students involved in each incident. 

CIT only received eight written complaints against students within the same five year period, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. 

"No official disciplinary action was taken but students were contacted regarding complaints made," CIT said.

Mediation took place for each of the eight complaints.

The reason for the complaints were antisocial behaviour, damage to property and non-payment of rent and/or bills.

However, CIT does not have a formal complaints mechanism for members of the public to complain about student behaviour, unlike UCC's Campus Watch, which may explain the difference between the figures.

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