Surge in bike thefts across Cork; Gangs targeting high-end bikes that cost up to €5k each

Surge in bike thefts across Cork; Gangs targeting high-end bikes that cost up to €5k each

GANGS of bike thieves have been targeting high-end, high-tech carbon and aluminum-alloy bikes across the city and county, gardaí have confirmed. 

West Cork Chief Superintendent Con Cadogan said the North and West division of Cork gardaí has been running a joint operation with the city to catch the bike thieves who have been targeting and even following people awaiting the opportunity to nab expensive bikes.

The Chief Superintendent said that some of the bikes are worth between €3,000 and €5,000.

“We identified a number of culprits. Many of them are before the courts, and we have one before the Circuit court.

“There were gangs from the city operating in the county. They knew what they were looking for and they were targeting certain towns and villages.” 

Figures from the county Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting showed a massive surge in bike thefts across North Cork over the past year, with a sharp incline in the last six months.

West Cork has also seen an increase over the past six months.

Offering advice to bike owners, Chief Supt Cadogan said don’t leave your bike out of sight.

“People need to be more vigilant, if you are locking it up, lock it under CCTV and at home, if it is in a shed, make sure the shed is locked.” 

Chief Supt Cadogan also said that the force is putting great efforts into reuniting owners with bikes recovered by the Gardaí.

“The bikes being found, we are putting them on Facebook and other social media sites to try and get them back to their owners.” 

The city’s Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin advised people to take down their bike’s serial number and have a photo of their bike stored somewhere in case of their bike is stolen.

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