neurosurgery at CUH

neurosurgery at CUH
Lenaghamore, Togher looking towards the SMA Wilton and the Cork University hospital (back left) and Cork University maternity hospital Picture: Eddie O'Hare

AN organisation supporting people with epilepsy has voiced concern for a number of its service users as 2119 patients wait for neurosurgery at CUH.

News of the shocking figures came about in response to a parliamentary question put forward by Fianna Fáil TD, Michael McGrath Of the 2119 people mentioned, 188 have been experiencing delays of between 12 and 15 months for operations. 

Some 386 have been waiting between nine and 12 months for surgery while 485 have been on the waiting list for operations for between six and nine months.

Community Resource Officer, Niamh Jones from Epilepsy Ireland's Cork office spoke of how waiting lists are affecting the lives of those living with epilepsy.

“For people with certain types of epilepsy, surgery is often a last resort to achieve seizure freedom and comes as a result of them not responding to their prescribed medications. Even for people who live with regular debilitating seizures, the decision to go for surgery is one that is not taken lightly as the procedures involved are highly invasive. 

"These include the removal of part of the brain from which the seizures originate. Added to that is the risk that because epilepsy is such an individual condition, even if a person is a suitable candidate for surgery, there is no guarantee that they will see the desired results."

Nearly 40,000 people in Ireland have epilepsy as do 50 million people worldwide. For many people, their epilepsy affects them most while seizures are active.

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