Cork hotel resort staff left awaiting news on potential closure

Cork hotel resort staff left awaiting news on potential closure

There are fears for the future of the Blarney Hotel Golf and Spa Resort. Picture: Denis Scannell

Staff at the Blarney Hotel Golf and Spa Resort have been left waiting for news regarding the future of the hotel.

It is understood that staff of the leisure centre and hotel were supposed to attend a meeting this morning (Friday).

However, reports have emerged that the meeting was postponed last night, and staff are still uncertain about their employment.

When contacted, the hotel said they had "no comment to make." 

On Tuesday, The Echo reported that there were fears for the future of the well-known Cork hotel.

Cork City Councillor Damian Boylan, who is from the Blarney area, said that it was a stressful situation for the staff.

"I've already had people ring me to offer the staff jobs. The community will support them.

"There is anger at the moment about the way these people are being treated. The staff are known to all of us here.

"They have families and children to look after and mortgages to pay." 


The hotel reportedly closed its pool, gym and spa unexpectedly.

It is not known whether the golf course or the hotel itself will be affected.

The hotel usually closes in January and reopens in February, but it is unclear what the future holds.

There are roughly 80 people working in the popular resort.

The 4-star hotel is located in a wooded area in Shournagh valley, close to the historic town of Blarney, a well-known tourist destination.

In 2014, the resort was bought for €2.5m after being on the market for five years. The initial asking price was €20m.

The site was originally developed at a reported cost of €30m to €40m.

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