Labour announce candidate for Cork South Central

Labour announce candidate for Cork South Central
Ciara Kennedy, Labour candidate for Cork South Central. Photo:

The Labour Party have confirmed that they will be fielding a candidate in the Cork South Central constituency in the upcoming general election.

Ciara Kennedy, who contested the local elections in May, has been selected. Ciarán Lynch who ran in 2016 was unsuccessful in regaining his seat, having taken one in 2007 and again in 2011.

“People have a choice to make in this election, whether they stick with the politics of the past or take a chance with a new, progressive voice that will speak on issues they encounter on a daily basis,” Ms Kennedy said.

“We have a housing emergency but no leadership to address it, a health crisis with no end in sight and a climate agenda that panders to the companies that have caused the emergency in the first place.

“I want to be a voice for Cork South Central that tackles housing, addresses health inequalities and drives a climate agenda that will not attack people but incentivise them to reduce emissions and create a sustainable society. I will fight for these issues and more in Dáil Éireann,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Labour local area rep Peter Horgan confirmed he will be putting himself forward for the Seanad next time out.

“The Upper House needs to stop being a plan B for political Candidates. If we are serious about the Seanad being a chamber of legislative change then we need candidates that treat elections to that body with the respect it deserves not as a fall back option following Dáil defeat,” he said.

“There are still those contacting me right across Cork City and County with issues relating to housing, transport and healthcare. I want to see a new social blueprint for Cork and to work towards that with all parties and none. Only by working together can we see real and meaningful Change in Cork that positively affects all those who live and work here,” Mr Horgan added.

“I believe Ciara Kennedy has the drive, enthusiasm and voice to represent people in the Dáil in a way that cuts the shackles of conservative politics in this constituency.”

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