Watch: Fantastic footage of playful otters in the heart of Cork city

Watch: Fantastic footage of playful otters in the heart of Cork city
Otters sighted in Cork city - footage captured by Chris Moody.

Waterway campaigner Chris Moody has recent video footage of otters in the heart of Cork city.

The Blackpool cartoonist and photographer, who runs Twitter page, ‘The River Bride’, has been filming otters in Cork for the last four years and has previously won the ‘Outstanding Individual’ award for his work on the Cork Otter Project.

Chris installed motion-sensing cameras along a stretch of the River Bride, in Blackpool. He was the first to capture footage of the playful mammals on the Bride, which, he says, is at risk of being lost, due to OPW flood-relief plans to cover the remaining river’s course in Blackpool.

His footage of otters in Cork city highlights the importance of the area for the Eurasian otter.

Working with Cork Nature Network, Chris has shown the importance of the Bride as a habitat for otters, as well as for foxes, and birds such as dippers, wagtails, and ducks.

Cork Nature Network is constantly monitoring the urban otter population in Cork and how the mammal is using our waterways. The debate about which flood defence plan would be more effective is ongoing.

Two plans have been put forward, one by Save Cork City, the other by The Office of Public Works (OPW) and Cork City Council.

The Save Cork City campaign argues that a tidal barrier is the best way for Cork city to defend itself against flooding.

They are opposed to the OPW’s and Cork City Council’s Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme, which, they say, is a “walls scheme.”

The OPW is now inviting members of the public to make a written submission, with regard to the likely effects on the environment and the scheme’s impact on Natura 2000 sites.

Submissions can be emailed to

The closing date for submissions is Thursday, February 27.

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