Woman calls Gardaí to arrest son in shed at the back of her house 

Woman calls Gardaí to arrest son in shed at the back of her house 
Picture: Eddie O'Hare

A woman called the gardaí this morning to arrest her drug-addicted son in a shed at the back of her house because she was in fear of him.

Garda Senan Dormer arrested the 37-year-old and brought him before Cork District Court where there was an objection to him being remanded on bail.

The accused failed to see what the “big deal” was, as he applied for bail, through his solicitor, Diarmuid Kelleher.

The accused was charged with breaching a protection order by putting his mother in fear by getting into her shed.

“If I wanted to put her in fear I would bang on the door saying ‘let me in’. I texted her (about staying in the house). She said no. I went up. I stayed in the shed. It was freezing cold. Jesus, what is the big f***ing deal?” he asked.

The defendant’s mother, who is aged around 60, said, “I am terrified of him when he is taking drugs. He was shouting in the letterbox at five o’clock in the morning last week.” 

Sergeant Gearóid Davis asked the witness what her fear was and she replied, “That he is going to hurt me.” 

The defendant, who was in the custody area as his mother was giving this evidence, interrupted and said, “No one is going to hurt you. I am an addict. I am a f***ing addict.” 

His mother said drug users and dealers were calling to the house, some of them demanding the repayment of his debts. She said she would have to leave her own home if her son did not stay away.

She said he could not have her other adult children at her home because of the kind of people calling to see her son.

Mr Kelleher, solicitor, said the defendant texted, asking could he stay in the house and when this was refused he climbed in a window of the shed and did not even see his mother, let alone put her in fear.

The witness replied, “I have supported him a long time going through the courts and this is where I am now – in fear. He puts me in fear every day he is around.” 

Mr Kelleher said of the shed incident, “You did not give him a chance to put you in fear.” 

She replied, “Does he have to beat me up first?” 

The defendant said, “I would never harm my mother. I would never ever let anything happen to her. She is in fear of me because of my drug taking.” 

Judge Olann Kelleher refused the bail application and remanded the accused in custody for one week.

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