200 GoCars now on the road for Cork frontline workers battling Covid-19 free-of-charge

200 GoCars now on the road for Cork frontline workers battling Covid-19 free-of-charge
Picture; David Creedon / Anzenberger

ALMOST 200 GoCars are being used by frontline workers across the nation following an ingenious partnership with the car rental firm and a Cork businessman.

Pat Phelan of SISU Clinics approached GoCar to see if they would gift 100 cars from their fleet of 300 for the month of April if he covered the insurance costs.

Between the company and the businessman, a new free-of-charge transport initiative was born to help nurses, doctors and other hospital staff get to and from work safely and stressfree.

Since launching the initiative, two other anonymous businessmen have come forward to contribute to the project and now a total of 300 cars are available to frontline staff who may need transport throughout April.

Speaking about the scheme, Mr Phelan said it was all about reducing worry for the hospital employees who are working so hard to keep us safe.

“I think everyone wants to help at the moment but when you are told to stay at home, it is hard to do. It’s a great feeling to be able to reduce the burden on these frontline workers. They shouldn’t have to think about a single thing outside of work. They should have no other worries.” As well as setting up this transport scheme, Pat is working hard at sourcing accommodation for nurses and other staff in hospitals who have been told to self-isolate.

“I have sourced 17 apartments so far, but I could do with 50 more. I have so many people getting in contact that need a place to stay at the moment. No one nursing should be terrified of passing on an illness to their loved ones.” Due to his kind hearted gestures and goodwill, Pat said he has been inundated with messages of gratitude.

“So many people are reaching out to thank me, it is great and the other day a nurses husband thanked me for the GoCar initiative as he was worried about his wife coming home, late at night, on public transport.”

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