Drunken behaviour nets Cork fishing enthusiast a fine 

Drunken behaviour nets Cork fishing enthusiast a fine 

GARDAÍ encountered a drunken man at nine o’clock at night with a homemade shank knife made by melting a biro as a handle on to a blade and he claimed he had it for gutting fish.

Anthony Crowley of 87 Thomas Davis Street, Cork, denied having the knife without a lawful purpose.

“It was a substitute for a fishing knife. I made it up for that, for gutting fish,” Crowley testified.

Defence solicitor, Diarmuid Kelleher, asked Crowley, 36, “Do you go fishing often?” He replied, “Yeah, all the time.” He explained that he had an argument with his girlfriend that morning and needed to get out of the house. He said he made up the knife for fishing and went off.

“I was on my way to go fishing, I was upset over the argument. I done something stupid – something I didn’t do in four years – I bought drink,” he said.

Judge Olann Kelleher said the shank knife, which was produced in evidence in a clear plastic container, was a dangerous implement. Crowley replied, “It wouldn’t cut butter.” Crowley insisted he had a gear bag and a fishing rod in his hand when he was arrested.

Garda Damien Cronin said he did not recall the accused having a fishing rod but did have a bag on his back.

“Definitely, 100 per cent I had a fishing rod,” Crowley said.

Samantha Murphy said her boyfriend had a fishing rod when he left the house. Mr Kelleher asked her if her boyfriend ever brought home fish that he had caught. She replied, “Once or twice, yeah.” Judge Kelleher said, “I find the facts proved. I do not accept his explanation.” He fined him €200 for being drunk and a danger and said he would adjourn sentencing on the knife charge until May 7 to see how the accused would behave.

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