Two men charged in Cork with making online threats to kill or seriously injure each other

Two men charged in Cork with making online threats to kill or seriously injure each other
Picture: Eddie O'Hare

Facebook death threats were allegedly made by two men on opposing sides of an escalating feud in Cork city, it was alleged at Cork District Court.

Both men were remanded in custody for a week as gardaí who charged the two men today, objected to bail. Both were charged with making threats to kill or seriously injure each other on April 6.

James McCarthy of bay 8, halting site, Spring Lane, Cork, and of 25 Liffey Park, Mayfield, Cork, allegedly uploaded a video on his Facebook page making a threat directed at Michael Stokes.

Detective Garda John Gleeson said it was alleged that McCarthy, 33, said on the video, “I will get you. I will cut you from head to toe. I will cut you in pieces. I will cut you in bits.” 

Detective Garda Pat Barry said it was alleged that Michael Stokes, 24, with an address at St. Anthony’s Park, Knocknaheeny, Cork, had posted videos on his Facebook page specifically targeting James McCarthy, in which he allegedly said, “Ye got bate seven days a week and you’ll get bate seven days again. Next time I see you, you are going underground.” 

McCarthy, represented by Thomas Coughlan, solicitor, and Stokes, represented by Frank Buttimer, applied for bail but Judge Olann Kelleher remanded both men in custody until April 15.

Det. Garda Gleeson testified that it was McCarthy who made the threat in the video which he investigated. He agreed with Mr Coughlan that only the shoes of the person on the video is shown. However, the detective said he clearly recognised the voice as that of James McCarthy. Also he said the shoes were very distinctive and the defendant was wearing a pair of the same shoes when arrested.

Det. Garda Barry said the Stokes video was made in a blue BMW and that the defendant drives a blue BMW. He also said he was 100% sure the voice was that of Michael Stokes. The detective told Mr Buttimer that there was a Rolex watch on the wrist of the man on the video and that Stokes has a Rolex.

Det. Garda Barry told Sergeant John Kelleher, who prosecuted the cases today at Cork District Court, that there was an escalating feud between the families that had in recent weeks seen a pipe bomb thrown at a house and a gunshot fired at a house.

Det. Garda Gleeson said there were fears for the safety of those being threatened and for innocent third parties.

Det. Garda Barry said the feud escalated since January when it was alleged that a member of the McCarthy family was assaulted outside the cinema in Blackpool.

Mr Buttimer, solicitor, said that even though there were charges of death threats, it was based on what gardaí allegedly saw on Facebook and not on any complaints made to gardaí.

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