Medical expert praises the ‘superb, kind, good-humoured’ healthcare workers in Cork

Medical expert praises the ‘superb, kind, good-humoured’ healthcare workers in Cork

Dr. Chris Luke , Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Mercy Hospital. Picture:Des Barry.

A LEADING medical expert in Cork has praised the “extraordinary efforts” from healthcare workers across the country as they battle the coronavirus on the frontline.

Doctors, nurses, GPs, allied health professionals, and more are working in hospital settings and communities across Cork and Ireland in a bid to prevent further spread of Covid-19, which has killed one person in the country and infected almost 100 more.

Speaking to The Echo, Dr Chris Luke, an emergency medicine consultant and senior adjunct lecturer in public health at University College Cork, said we should be very proud of the people working in our health sector.

“There is an old expression that says when the tide goes out, you see who has been swimming naked,” said Dr Luke.

“Basically, in times of crises, the difficulties and the gaps are exposed but so too are the great strengths and qualities of our professionals and I continue to believe that Ireland has some of the greatest nurses, doctors, radiographers, and scientists in the world.

“Certainly per capita, we have a wonderful pedigree of superb, kind, good-humoured, and incredibly diligent doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals and I think we’ll see them at their very best in the coming days, weeks, and months,” he said.

“I know that already there has been a wonderful, collective, unified response in hospitals across the country, particularly in Cork.

“I don’t think that there is any sense of a lack of preparedness — there has been a huge surge of education, research, and development, as well as learning more about infection prevention and control, major incident management and preparation in terms of personal protective equipment.

“We have heard locally and nationally about the extraordinary efforts being made from the top down.

“We should be really very proud of our health service and those working in it.” Dr Luke called on the public across Ireland to realise that people working within the health service are human too and may be in need of support with various issues during this pandemic.

“If there is anything that people out there can do, whether it be childcare, errands, visiting relatives, and ensuring they’re okay, for healthcare workers at the frontline of this, now is the time to do it,” he said.

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