Leaving Cert communication labelled a 'shambles' by Cork educational service director

Leaving Cert communication labelled a 'shambles' by Cork educational service director
Don O'Leary, director, Cork Life Centre, Sunday's Well, Cork, at the centre. /Picture: Denis Minihane.

“A shambles” is how Cork Life Centre director Don O’Leary has described the “drip-feed communication” from the Department of Education in relation to the Leaving Certificate.

The Minister for Education has confirmed that the Leaving Certificate exam has been postponed this year.

Mr O’Leary said that he did not think that the mental health and wellbeing of the children had been taken into account by the Department.

“It was always going to be a difficult decision and I know it is not possible to please everyone, but the way this has been done, is just catastrophic and I don’t think it has done anything for the anxiety of young people across the country.” 

Mr O’Leary said if there are any positives to take from this it would be that the ongoing debacle may instigate a much-needed review of the Leaving Certificate examination programme to make it fairer for all.

The learning centre director said that it will be very difficult for teachers to grade children who may have been out sick and asked what will happen with homeschooled children.

“I feel very sorry for teachers because there will be children who contest their results and say they were not given a fair grade.” Mr O’Leary has called for very clear guidelines in relation to the marking of the Leaving Cert 2020 year saying it has to be as fair and balanced as possible.

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