Cork court: Man with multiple drug convictions dropped two wraps of heroin onto footpath

Cork court: Man with multiple drug convictions dropped two wraps of heroin onto footpath

Two wraps of heroin were dropped to the ground by a man with numerous drugs convictions as gardaí approached him and now he has been sentenced to five months in jail.

Sergeant John Kelleher said the accused man, Robert Lennon, aged 37, had nine previous convictions for having drugs for his own use and three counts for having drugs for sale or supply.

His 13th drug conviction has just been recorded at Cork District Court where Lennon pleaded guilty to having Diamorphine (heroin) for his own use.

The crime was detected on September 25, 2019, when Garda Paul Cogan was walking along Watercourse Road.

“He appeared to conceal something in his fist and then dropped two wraps on to the footpath. 

"He later admitted that the wraps of heroin were for his own use,” Sgt. Kelleher said.

Lennon’s drug convictions were among his total number of 99 criminal convictions. As recently as January he got a six-month jail term for having drugs for his own use.

Eddie Burke, solicitor, said the accused was addicted to heroin for ten years but was now clean of the drug and was undergoing counselling in prison.

The five-month sentence will run concurrently with an 18 months sentence he got in November 2019 for drug-dealing.

Gardaí caught a man with €3,500 worth of heroin at his home at 60 Upper John Street, Cork, on that occasion.

Detective Sergeant Kieran O’Sullivan said Lennon was unusual in committing no other offences except drug dealing in order to pay for his drugs and not resorting to theft or any other crimes to pay for them.

The detective said the accused had make a lot of money from selling drugs but had none of the trappings of wealth in terms of his home or even his clothing and he did not have a car.

“He is involved in drugs as long as I have known him. He does not do thefts to pay for his drugs habit.

“He has always been sociable with gardaí. He is a man who is easy to deal with. He does not give the guards any trouble whatsoever.

Sentencing him at Cork Circuit Criminal Court last November, Judge Brian O’Callaghan said, “The court fully accepts his involvement in the criminality of dealing is 100 per cent motivated by feeding his habit."

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