Cork man punched by neighbour ‘has suffered enough’ says judge as case struck out

Cork man punched by neighbour ‘has suffered enough’ says judge as case struck out

A 63-year-old man who was punched to the ground by his neighbour suffered enough on the day, a judge said yesterday, as he struck out the case against the victim for allegedly threatening to put a bullet in the head of the other man.

Judge Con O’Leary was shown video evidence yesterday from CCTV outside one of the houses, which showed some verbal altercation that occurred moments before the punch.

Timmy O’Riordan (aged 68) of 29 Fair Hill Drive, Fair Hill, Cork, pleaded guilty in June to a charge of assaulting Timmy Forde at Fairhill Drive, Fair Hill, Cork, on July 16, 2018.

O’Riordan was previously bound to the peace and told to stay away from his neighbour for a year and he was also fined €350 for assaulting him.

Yesterday it was 63-year-old Timmy Forde’s turn to be prosecuted. He denied a charge of engaging in threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour in a public place.

He said he never said any such thing as putting a bullet in his neighbour’s head, and said that he only remarked: “We are too old for this kind of thing.” Mr Forde said he had three pints when he was out earlier in the afternoon.

Defence solicitor, Michael Quinlan, said that whatever words were uttered by Timmy Forde were said as he was standing in his own drive and that this was not a public place, so the charge should be dismissed.

Inspector James Hallahan confirmed that Timmy O’Riordan had already been convicted of assaulting Mr Forde.

Judge Con O’Leary was told that the next-door neighbours had known each other for 35 years and that there was some disagreement between them about 20 years ago.

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