Musician recalls 'special' isolation gig at Elysian apartment block

Musician recalls 'special' isolation gig at Elysian apartment block
Lorcan Geaney playing for residents of the Elysian apartment block in the city centre on Friday night.

The man at the centre of a gig held at an apartment complex in Cork city over the weekend has called it “a pretty special” experience.

25-year-old musician Lorcan Geaney hosted a concert for residents at the Elysian which saw people requesting songs, cheering, and dancing on their balconies.

Mr Geaney even looked out onto a sea of twinkling lights as people waved their phones in the air to the tune of Sweet Caroline.

Speaking to the Echo, the Bandon born singer said he was not sure what to expect going into the gig but that he was determined to make it as interactive as possible.

“For all I knew it was just going to be me standing there singing to no one and people would just have their windows opening and listening but from the get go everyone was out and they were shouting requests and they were singing and cheering so it was really cool.

“I gig normally when the pubs are open and I like to have the craic with people in the bars but I don’t know if it’s necessarily my strong suit but I kind of went in thinking to make this work you have to interact with them so I just started asking for requests from the get go and that kind of got them involved and they just took over, they were incredible, all of them.” 

He said that people were getting ready for the sing-along from as early as when he was setting up.

“I was there probably half an hour before I began just to set up and there were people already sitting out on their balconies waiting, there were people walking in with slabs of beer, so there were people preparing. It felt like it was going to be a cool gig even before it began.” 

Musician Lorcan Geaney.
Musician Lorcan Geaney.

Mr Geaney who normally gigs in The Washington Inn, Clancy’s and Dwyers in the city, has been out since the pubs closed two weeks ago.

“I’ve been out of work for about two weeks now I’d say but I’m a student at the same time so I’ve been working away so I don’t feel like I’m completely doing nothing.

“Friday through Sunday would be my busy days. I could be anywhere. The Wash and Dwyers and Clancy’s would be my main places but you could find me anywhere.” 

He said that there was talk of another concert after its success on Friday evening but that the latest restrictions will put a hold to holding another gig until further notice.

“We’d spoken about it on the day about definitely doing it at some stage but there’s been no talk of when or where. It happened before Leo Varadkar announced the restricted rules on the lockdown so I’m not sure where it would fall. If another opportunity came up I’d jump at it, I loved it. But as of now there’s nothing in the works,” he said.

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