Cork woman explains the cons of self-isolation as coronavirus cases grow

Cork woman explains the cons of self-isolation as coronavirus cases grow

A WEST Cork woman has described what it is like in self-isolation amid the coronavirus spread.

The woman, who did not wish to be named is recovering from cancer, and is a full-time carer to her 83-year-old mother.

The women are isolating themselves on advice of their GP, despite not showing any signs of the virus, due to the fact they both have compromised immune systems.

The woman in question told The Echo that she also got the flu recently despite having the vaccine in January, and as it went into her chest is still causing problems.

She went out yesterday and got some food into the house, but they also have an arrangement in place with their local shop.

“I gave them €30 for whatever shopping we will need. 

"I ring them and they will bring (the shopping) to the house and ring the bell to leave the shopping. Also, I do happen to batch cook so the freezer is full of dinners,” she added.

They also have enough medicine for a month.

The woman said while it is difficult, being a full-time carer means she only has around 15 hours a week out of the house anyway to do the shopping and pay her bills, when her mother is at a day care centre.

Currently, she is not going, so both women are indoors and watching a lot of television, but they do plan on going out in the yard from time to time.

“Thankfully my mother and I get on but I am sure we will get on each other's nerves by the end of it,” she said.

"But if we both survive we can count ourselves lucky especially seeing that there has been one death already.”

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