WATCH: Ducks on the run on MacCurtain Street

WATCH: Ducks on the run on MacCurtain Street
Visitors enjoying a quacking time at the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtain Street today.

THIS mother and her babies had a quacking time on a walkabout in Cork city centre today.

Mother Duck and her little ones waddled their way along MacCurtain Street, passing the Metropole Hotel and other local businesses.

The protective mother is no stranger to the area, having previously visited what is usually a very busy street.

She got her little ducklings in a row as she led the way, sheltering for a short time in a doorway.

Despite the reduced footfall due to the Covid-19 public health restrictions, the little flock attracted the attention of passers by.

A tweet from the Metropole Hotel said: "This grand lady and her babies arrived back on MacCurtain Street today and not her first visit to around @MetropoleCork. Duty Manager John Crean was on hand to capture and help her on here merry way along with some very kind others."

The quack team also came to the attention of Gardaí, who accused the group of 'ducking and diving' before making their escape via the Lee. 

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