Cork court heard man threw a TV and coffee at his partner

Cork court heard man threw a TV and coffee at his partner

A MAN threw a television at his partner, slapped her across the legs with a hockey stick, threw a cup of coffee at her and allegedly threatened to knock her down in his car but said he was always trying to look after her and added, “I love her to bits”.

At an in-camera hearing of Cork District Court that went on throughout this afternoon, the defendant denied multiple counts against him of breaching a barring order by putting the young woman in fear.

Judge Olann Kelleher said at the end of the case, “This is a very violent man who people need to be protected from.”

The 29–year-old was then jailed for a total of ten months in prison.

Sergeant John Kelleher said that apart from the breaches of the barring order outlined today, the same man had six previous convictions for breaching the same barring order.

Eddie Burke, solicitor, said it was an on-again, off-again relationship and that despite the barring order being in place the young woman would invite the accused up to her house and he would go and she would later call the gardaí saying that he was breaching the barring order. 

The first incident occurred on January 2 and the young woman said that she was walking near her home when her ex-partner pulled up in his car and sped in her direction and threatened to ‘smather’ her on to the road. This particular charge was dismissed.

However, he was convicted of three other breaches.

The young woman said that later on the same date, January 2, he picked up her television and threw it at her and struck her about the legs with a hockey stick.

The defendant testified during heated evidence, “She is saying I threw a TV at her. She smashed the TV. It is not the first TV she smashed.

“I have guards ringing me saying I am threatening to kill her. It is all lies.”

Gardaí called to the young woman’s house on January 19 following numerous phonecalls from the defendant expressing concern about her.

But in one of the calls, the gardaí were concerned that during a rant by the accused he was threatening her.

He denied this and said he was concerned for her safety, believing she was suicidal at the time or that someone might break into the house.

The incident where he threw coffee over her occurred at a shop and was shown on CCTV. It occurred on February 2.

As well as saying he was concerned about her today and that he loved her he also said he never wanted to speak to her again, adding, “I don’t even want to look at her no more.”

At the end of all of the cases related to barring order breaches, there was another case where a neighbour testified that he lit a fire outside her house on a night in February 2018.

The defendant had an alibi witness to say he did not go out at all on the night in question more than two years ago.

That alibi witness who said today that the defendant was in bed with her all of that night was the complainant in all of the barring order cases.

Judge Kelleher dismissed the charge of lighting the fire but convicted him on a related threatening charge.

As well as the overall sentence of ten months for the domestic violence, the defendant was given a three-month suspended sentence for threatening the neighbour.

It was suspended on condition that he would stay away from her for two years.

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