The Echo editorial: We must all play our part in stopping Covid-19 spread

The Echo editorial: We must all play our part in stopping Covid-19 spread
A man wearing a mask to protect against Coronavirus on Patrick Street today. 

RARELY have so many of us been so afraid. The spread of Covid-19 represents the greatest challenge of our time, threatening our loved ones and bringing uncertainty to our society.

Worst-case predictions have shaken our way of life.

Simple, everyday things must stop: freedom of movement, watching our kids play sport, mingling with friends, shaking hands with new acquaintances, working alongside our colleagues.

Tackling this pandemic involves the biggest change to human behaviour of our lifetime.

It will define this era.

We are not powerless to stop it. We can and must play our part.

Today, we plead with you, our readers, to heed the advice of the medical experts. Follow the guidelines on social distancing, hand washing, and stay at home whenever possible.

Social distancing — being at least six feet from the nearest person — is crucial to slow down the spread of the virus. If we slow it down, our health service stands a better chance of coping with what lies ahead.

Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan says the next seven days will be key in Ireland’s fight to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases.

Medical professionals, working on the frontline of this emergency, deserve our support.

The 140,000 people who have already lost jobs have our sympathy, but we should honour them by tackling this crisis together.

Doctors and nurses cannot slow down the spread. Only we can do that.

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