Councillors to be briefed on access measures to get Cork city reopened amid coronavirus

Councillors to be briefed on access measures to get Cork city reopened amid coronavirus
Oliver Plunkett Street, Co Cork. Picture Dan Linehan

City councillors are expected to be briefed tomorrow on plans for city centre access.

A group, representing the council, city centre businesses, and other agencies, have been meeting to review how people move around and access the city centre.

They are set to make a set of proposals to Councillors on the matter which are expected to include a number of temporary solutions to aid social distancing measures, such as improving pedestrian and cycling facilities in Cork during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“City Council officials have been looking at the city centre in particular, and other places where questions arise like Tramore Valley Park, and they’re going to make a number of proposals,” Councillor Boyle said.

However, he said councillors weren’t yet aware of which streets officials had been looking at or what exactly will be proposed.

It’s expected that a three-month pedestrianisation of the Marina will be discussed, following Councillors Des Cahill and Terry Shannon’s announcement that it would be proceeding last week.

Mr Boyle is also hoping similar positive consideration will be given to the opening of the Half Moon Lane pedestrian entrance to Tramore Valley Park.

“What we have seen other local authorities do is they have created temporary artificial dividers and roadways to remark footpath space and cycle lane space. Technically there’s no difficulty in doing that in Half Moon Lane with barriers, creating a space that’s only available for walkers,” he said.

“Our hope is that it might be looked at. If these temporary measures are in place, there’s no reason why they can’t be in place there.”

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