Otter spotted splashing around in Cork's River Lee 

Otter spotted splashing around in Cork's River Lee 
An otter was spotted in the River Lee in Cork city centre this evening.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has seen the people of Cork self-isolating across in order to limit the spread of the virus.

The streets of Cork city are abnormally empty, rush hour traffic no longer exists and the city centre is strangely quiet.

Noise pollution is no more as the sound of traffic has disappeared, the hum of airplanes passing over the city as they approach nearby Cork Airport is a distant memory and excavators, scrapers and loaded trucks can no longer be heard as construction has been halted.

In place of the city’s usual sights and sounds is the return of nature.

The sounds and sensations of spring seem more intense as robins, ducks, swans and squirrels roam the city’s parks and waterside walkways.

New ducklings have been spotted at The Lough, seals have been spotted in the River Lee from O’Sullivan’s Quay, the herons still gather outside the English Market waiting for their feed of fish and now an otter has been spotted hanging around the banks of the Lee.

Cork local Irakli Khutsishvili spotted the otter splashing about in the water this evening as the visitor to the River Lee hunted for some food.

The video shows the otter enjoying his catch and resting on some rocks in the water.

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