City Hall moves to free up staff for Covid-19 duties

City Hall moves to free up staff for Covid-19 duties
The City Hall, Cork.

CORK City Councillors will receive three months worth of allowances upfront in a move designed to free up staff to work on the Covid-19 emergency.

Councillors received a text on Tuesday notifying them that the decision was made to pay their allowances for April, May, and June.

Councillors receive allowances of approximately €16,000 per annum, effectively their wages. 

It is called a representational payment for their work and will be paid upfront for the next three months.

It is understood the decision was taken to free up council staff to focus on issues relating to Covid-19.

“No councillor has asked for anything like this,” Lord Mayor, Councillor John Sheehan told The Echo.

“What has happened is that the city council are redeploying staff. They have over 40 gone over to the HSE in terms of testing and things like that. 

"Then, obviously, as some staff have to go into isolation, our staff numbers are being reduced.

“We’re working on emergency planning over the next couple of months. So, what they decided to do was to try to clear the decks in terms of payments for a number of things,” he said.

The Lord Mayor explained that money being paid to councillors is money they would have received over the coming months in representational payments anyway. 

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