Mum of baby describes horror of seeing her child treated on floor of overcrowded Cork A&E 

Mum of baby describes horror of seeing her child treated on floor of overcrowded Cork A&E 
Parents Ger and Rebecca O'Riordan with children Noah and Emmeline.

THE mum of a nine-month-old baby girl has described the chaos in Cork University Hospital A&E where her child was treated on the floor because of a lack of beds. 

Little Emmeline O'Riordan was suffering multiple seizures when she attended the emergency department at CUH on February 17.

The hospital was so overcrowded on her arrival that there were no beds or trolleys for the child.

She suffered multiple seizures in her arms as she sat on a chair waiting to be seen by a doctor.

Her mum Rebecca said Emmeline was then placed on a blanket on the floor so that suppositories could be given to control her temperature. 

"It is not suitable at all," Rebecca told RTE News. 

"It is absolutely insane to expect a small baby or anybody with a small baby to manage in those conditions. But, from an infection control perspective, there is none. There is absolutely no infection control. There is no isolation for young people; there is no isolation for the elderly."

Emmeline's father, Ger, also told RTE: "There was so much that could have gone wrong, and we were extremely worried about her. She is having seizures - she is tiny.

The couple praised the staff, saying the nurse apologised for having to treat Emmeline on the floor. 

"I was doing everything that I could, and I know the nurses felt the same, because the nurse who gave her the suppository had said 'I'm so sorry this is absolutely barbaric', and she used the word barbaric, and she said 'I can't deal with this, I can't deal with this'."

The couple has lodged an official complaint with hospital management.

In the days around Emmeline's experience of CUH, hospital management had issued a statement saying they were experiencing  "significant overcrowding". 

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