Cork teens running up drug debts of up to €30k; parents forced to seek loans to pay dealers

Cork teens running up drug debts of up to €30k; parents forced to seek loans to pay dealers

DRUGS debts of up to €30,000 have been run up by teenage drug users in parts of the southside of the city.

And drug dealers are openly going to the homes of the users, demanding the money owed from their parents.

One source said there have been a number of incidents in recent times in which young people have been intimidated over drugs debts.

Another source told The Echo that he was aware of two cases where drug dealers went to the homes of drug users recently, seeking the repayment of debts. One teenager owed €18,000. Another owed €30,000.

Families have had to turn to their local credit union, or in some cases, money lenders, to get the money.

In some families, inter-generational drug use is causing issues, with parents and their teenage children all in debt to dealers.

Sources told The Echo that some parents do not realise the full extent of their children's debts until the dealers tell them how much is owed.

The sources - locals who do not want to be named - have outlined concerns about drug debts in pockets of the southside.

The growth in popularity of cocaine has led to a spiralling drugs debt issue for regular users as it is more expensive than cannabis and heroin.

One local man said: "There is a drought of weed but loads of coke around. Dealers are dreading the outcome of this lockdown cause people won't be able to afford coke this summer if the economy is ruined."

Cork City councillor and youth worker with the Cork Education and Training Board, Mick Finn, said he is aware of incidents where drug debt is being collected from parents by dealers calling to their homes, in full view of their neighbours.

He said: "A lot of people are being dragged into this."

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