Arrests made in Cork city after gang 'call out' videos published online

Arrests made in Cork city after gang 'call out' videos published online

A new video began circulating on social media earlier this evening of a large gang of people, many of whom had their faces covered with balaclavas or hoodies, who appear to call out another group to a fight.

TWO men are in custody this morning, being questioned about the release of two "call out" videos between rival Cork groups on social media yesterday evening.

The arrests early this morning were in Hollyhill and Mayfield.

The two men are being questioned about intimidating and threatening behaviour and are being held under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.

They can be held for up to 24 hours.

The videos were uploaded within hours of each other by rival groups in Cork city.

The first was shot in broad daylight featuring a large group of men, while the second, featuring a long line of men dressed in dark clothing, was shot in the hours of darkness and was illuminated by street lighting.

Both are believed to have been shot in the northside area, in response to each other.

In recent days, another video was also uploaded to a social media site, appearing to have been shot in a car and featuring the voice of one person, whose gloved hands can be seen in the footage.

The videos follow similar videos shared online in January.

In one of those videos, one group of men warned the other group: "We are going to bate ye to death, ye dirty tramps."

Last night, there was a marked increase in garda activity in the northside of the city in a bid to quell tensions between the two groupings.

In the videos, dozens of men can be seen gathered together. The first group appear to be gathered in a large yard in broad daylight.

In the second video, the rival group are gathered in the dark.

In both videos, the groups do not observe the current social distancing guidelines of two metres between people.

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