Coronavirus measures having major impact on crime  

Coronavirus measures having major impact on crime  
Picture: Eddie O'Hare

THE number of property crimes, drug offences and drink driving has plummeted in the past week, because of the Covid 19 outbreak.

Gardaí believe fall in crime figures right across a range of categories throughout Cork city and county is because of the restrictions on people as a result of measures aimed at containing the virus.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Finn said that figures from recent weeks indicate that the outbreak of the deadly virus has led to a fall in crime which he said was "good news".

According to statistics for Cork city, there were 49 incidents of property crime last week. Property crime includes theft, shoplifting and burglary. 

For the previous four weeks, there was a weekly average of 75 such crimes. 

Among the incidents last week were five burglaries - much lower than an average week, according to gardaí.

In Cork North garda division, covering east and north Cork, the weekly average prior to last week was 23, compared with just 14 last week.

Meanwhile, Cork West recorded just three property crimes last week, compared with an average of ten in the weeks prior to that.

While there has not been a marked change in drink driving arrests in Cork city, the Cork North area showed a drop to three incidents last week from ten and 11 per week in the previous two weeks. 

And in Cork West, there was just one drink driver nabbed last week, compared with 10 and 18 in the two previous weeks. 

In Cork city, there were three drink drivers detected last week, the same as two weeks previously.

The number of detections for drug possession was six in Cork city last week, compared with 27 in the previous week. 

There were six such detections in Cork North, down from nine and eight incidents the two previous weeks. And in Cork West, there was just one detection, compared with 10 and 17 cases in each of the previous two weeks.

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