Cork company steps up to the challenge of helping frontline health workers

Cork company steps up to the challenge of helping frontline health workers
Claire Morgan, co-owner of McWilliam Sailmakers.

McWilliam Sailmakers have stepped up to help frontline workers in Cork by making personal protective equipment (PPE) at their loft in Crosshaven.

The company, which has become famous for their iconic 'Holdall' bags, was forced to halt its regular business following the government directives to temporarily close all non-essential business, but they have now redeployed resources to help healthcare staff by manufacturing gowns.

Currently owned by husband and wife duo Barry Hayes and wife Claire Morgan, McWilliam Sailmakers have been making high-quality goods for almost 50 years. 

With the current crisis, Claire and Barry wanted to do anything they could to help frontline workers.

"Scrambling to do the right thing. Using our resources to help make PPE for our local healthcare heroes," they wrote on social media.

"You have probably seen recent posts from UK Sailmakers about the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we’ve begun to make in some of our lofts. 

"Primarily, we are doing this to help fill the gaping hole between demand and supply of PPEs for healthcare workers."

Claire and Barry stated that the research and development for these UK Sailmakers’ personal protective equipment has been encouraging. 

"First conceived by UK Sailmakers Norway, the UK lofts in New York, Canada, Ireland have made refinements on the design and material selection.

"In Ireland, we are currently sourcing cloth to create these gowns and will keep you updated on our progress," they said.

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