Cork's frontline superheroes become social media superstars with viral video

Cork's frontline superheroes become social media superstars with viral video
Staff at Tesco Superstore in Wilton took part in the viral #BlindingLightsChallenge to boost morale during the current crisis.

Not only are they our heroes providing an essential service during Covid-19, but now the staff at Tesco Superstore in Wilton Shopping Centre have become overnight social media superstars.

Staff members got together to take part in a TikTok video which saw them take on the viral #BlindingLightsChallenge on the video sharing networking service.

The video sees staff dancing to The Weeknd’s recent single Blinding Lights while adhering to social distancing measures.

The video was posted to Wilton Shopping centre’s Facebook page and has since racked up over 18,000 views, giving people a boost and a reason to smile in such uncertain times.

Store Manager of Tesco Wilton Alan Coughlan said they never expected it to go down as well as it has.

Staff at the store wanted to boost morale and kick start the week with a bit of “craic” in the current climate.

Staff member Asha, who works in the health and beauty department, got her children to teach staff the dance and Leanna who works in the general merchandise department filmed it.

Speaking to The Echo, Mr Coughlan said: “We’re no social media experts, and the first take that we were all nearly in sync took us about 40 minutes, so I wish I could say it was a one-take-wonder, but unfortunately it wasn’t. It’s harder than it looks, especially as a few of us have two left feet. There are plenty of versions, which hopefully will never see the light of day.

“But the views have been coming in thick and fast on the different channels, including the Wilton Shopping Centre account and the Tesco Instagram account itself, so it’s been a great boost for everyone in store."

He said that things are going well in store since the Covid-19 measures were put in place and that people have settled into a rhythm now after a challenging time getting to grips with everything in the beginning.

“Customers are very patient and adapting to the measures we’ve had to introduce which ultimately are for everyone’s safety, colleagues and customers alike.

“It’s all about safety, so things like queuing outside at a suitable distance, cleaning of baskets and trolleys, hand sanitising stations, the plexiglass at checkouts, the social distancing in stores, the priority hours for the elderly and carers and healthcare workers are all working well.” Mr Coughlan said he is particularly proud of the dedicated Click and Collect service that has been introduced for Cork University Hospital (CUH) staff.

He said that the team in Wilton are “doing great” and that they are all working together to support each other through the tough days.

“We’ve a great team in Wilton, they’re rolling up their sleeves and getting it all done with a smile on their faces. Having a bit of craic where we can like the TikTok video and it’s been a great morale boost for everyone,” he said.

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