Cork Migrant Centre raising funds for students with no access to educational facilities

Cork Migrant Centre raising funds for students with no access to educational facilities
File image of student using a laptop.

Cork Migrant Centre is raising funds to support students who have had educational opportunities taken away from them following the closure of schools.

The spread of the Covid-19 virus forced schools to close their doors last month leaving children with no access to facilities needed to complete school work at an unfair disadvantage to their fellow classmates.

The majority of these students have no access to a personal computer meaning they are excluded from online teaching support.

Cork Migrant Centre Youth Initiative are fundraising to supply young people who are living in or who have just transitioned from direct provision centres in Cork with the resources required to keep them educated and learning while out of school.

A GoFundMe page was set up by Siobhan Allen, ministries manager at Nano Nagle Place in order to raise funds to provide these students with their own laptops so that they can partake in and complete their studies away from the classroom.

The ‘Laptops for Lockdown’ fundraiser has received over €3,000 in less than 24 hours.

Coordinator of Cork Migrant Centre, Dr Naomi Masheti, said: “Due to the COVID19 closure of schools these children are isolated from all educational opportunities. To make the situation worse the majority of them have no access to a personal computer so they are excluded from online teaching supports.

“This creates a situation of inequality with their classmates and is devastating for the students, particularly those in Leaving Cert who are unfairly impacted. They cannot access homework, revision websites or our free maths grinds.” The Cork Migrant Centre supports the integration of immigrants with a special focus on the empowerment of those at risk of poverty, social exclusion, exploitation and discrimination.

The centre was established by the Presentation Sisters in 2006, and provides free, confidential and current information on access to services and immigration issues.

The centre’s youth initiative provides free maths grids and visual and performing arts workshops at Nano Nagle Place to young people living in or transitioning from direct provision centres.

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