Cork man denies assault saying he had tea and biscuits with neighbour

Cork man denies assault saying he had tea and biscuits with neighbour

A MAN who called to a house next door at midnight denied assaulting his neighbour and said he was trying to resolve an issue about a rumour and when they did reach a resolution they all sat down for tea and biscuits.

That was the evidence of 48-year-old Carl Crowley, of 72 Glenamoy Lawn, Old Youghal Rd, Cork, at Cork District Court. However, the injured party, John Keyes, 61, did not agree with that account of what occurred.

Mr Keyes said Mr Crowley called to his front door on the night last July 5/6 at around midnight. He said Crowley pushed his way in and was shouting and roaring and he said it took a good while to calm him down.

Mr Keyes said he was being called names during the incident and that Mr Crowley pushed him during it. He also said the defendant called a second time that night, but the defendant said he did not.

Mr Crowley said what sparked the disputed incident was that a woman called to his house alleging that he was calling Mr Keyes names in the area. Mr Crowley said he was not calling Mr Keyes names and he wanted to clarify that with Mr Keyes and resolve it immediately.

Defence solicitor Eddie Burke asked: “Did you threaten him? Did you lay a hand on him?”

Mr Crowley said he did neither but said he did apologise afterwards for shouting during the time at his neighbour’s house.

Mr Crowley’s partner, Ann Marie O’Callaghan — who Judge Con O’Leary said was a fair witness — said she went to Mr Keyes with her partner that night and said that, in retrospect, they should not have called at such a late hour.

She said there was tea and biscuits, adding: “There was no assault, it was all verbal.”

Judge O’Leary concluded that John Keyes was telling the truth. He said he would convict Mr Crowley of assault and fine him €100 or strike it out on payment of €200 compensation to him. Mr Burke solicitor said Mr Crowley would pay the compensation. Judge O’Leary said: “He did assault Mr Keyes as described. He pushed him.”

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