Cork man accused of spitting at female garda following 'drunken disturbance'

Cork man accused of spitting at female garda following 'drunken disturbance'

A DRUNKEN man who caused a disturbance at his local garage when he went for a sandwich in the early hours of the morning later spat at a garda, it was alleged today.

A protective screen at Gurranabraher garda station protected the female officer from the assault but the 35-year-old man intended to spit at her, it was claimed in Cork District Court.

Eddie Keenan of 22 St John’s Square, Blackpool, Cork, said he only went out for a sandwich and did not know why he was being arrested. 

He also denied spitting at the guard.

“I was going to the garage for something to eat and I was going on home then. 

"I was upset because I didn’t know why I was being arrested,” Keenan said.

Shane Collins-Daly, defence solicitor, put it to his client during a bail application that the most serious allegation against him was that he allegedly spat at the screen in the garda station.

The 35-year-old said, “I disagree with that. 

"I was talking and there could have been saliva coming out of my mouth. 

"I did not intentionally spit at anyone or anything.” 

Sergeant John Kelleher asked the accused if he was saying the guard behind the screen had made up her complaint. 

Keenan said, “I am not saying she made it up. But I didn’t intentionally do it.” 

Sergeant Damien McNamara testified that it was the position of the prosecution that the accused spat intentionally.

Sgt. McNamara charged Keenan with two counts related to assault and one for obstruction, all relating to Gurranabraher garda station. 

He was also charged with engaging in threatening behaviour and being drunk and a danger at O’Reilly’s garage on Watercourse Road, all in the early hours of today, April 16.

Sgt. McNamara said the accused man caused a disturbance at the garage and pulled pumps from their holders on diesel and petrol appliances in the garage forecourt.

Mr Collins-Daly put it to the sergeant that the spitting that allegedly occurred at the garda station was unintentional. 

He replied, “We would be alleging it was not unintentional.” 

Starting with the public order charges and going on to the obstruction and two assault counts, Keenan’s replies after caution were as follows: “I don’t give a f***”; “Go away, will you”; “F*** off”; “F*** off”; and “F*** you”.

Judge Olann Kelleher referred to these replies when he refused to grant bail to Keenan and remanded him in custody for a week.

Keenan said he did not know what he was saying at the time of the replies after caution. 

“This morning they opened the cell door. 

"I didn’t know where I was or where I was going. I didn’t know if I was in Mayfield or Gurrán (Gurranabraher). 

"I might have said something like leave me alone or go away or something,” Keenan explained.

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