Cork drug dealer says he was weighing cannabis for his own use because of 'the price of it'

Cork drug dealer says he was weighing cannabis for his own use because of 'the price of it'
Drugs on a weighing scale

A CORK man with numerous convictions for dealing drugs denied the latest charge and said the only reason he had a scales for weighing cannabis was because he needed to keep his own use in check because of the price of it.

Sergeant John Kelleher asked Jason Power, aged 41: “Are you that precise that you weigh it for your own personal use?”

Power replied during the trial at Cork District Court: “You have to be, these days, with the price of it, you know what I mean.”

Defence solicitor Joseph Cuddigan compared Power’s approach to dieting.

“Some people are assiduous about how much they eat,” he said.

“He was attempting to use a certain amount of cannabis every day rather than exceeding a set amount.”

As well as explaining that he kept the weighing scales to weigh how much he was smoking every day, the accused also had tick-lists related to the amount of drugs being supplied to different customers.

Power, of 2 Greenfields, Model Farm Rd, Cork, said that the reason the tick-lists were at his other address at Leesdale, Model Farm Rd, Cork, was that gardaí allegedly missed them during a search for a much bigger stash of drugs for which he was sentenced previously.

Power said that he paid €100 for the cannabis, for which gardaí said the street value was €282.

“I had it for my own use,” said Power.

“They are trying to do me for sale or supply. I don’t know where they get the sale or supply, it is all personal use.”

Judge Olann Kelleher said: “I don’t accept his explanation that he was so precise (weighing it for himself) and I don’t accept he would leave tick-lists lying around if he was not using them.”

For that offence and for having 30 D10 relaxant tablets for sale or supply, Power got an overall sentence of 10 months’ imprisonment from Judge Kelleher.

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