Cork fire service warns against hoaxes after fake call out

Cork fire service warns against hoaxes after fake call out

CARRIGALINE Fire and Rescue have warned against hoax calls made to emergency services after its unit responded to two hoax calls made over the weekend.

The first call, made on Thursday night, turned out to be a hoax call after members of the unit responded.

The second call was made today and involved the same address on Ferney Road in Carrigaline.

The hoax caller said that a two-year-old was unresponsive which “shocked” emergency services when they found that it was a fake call.

In a Facebook post, Carrigaline Fire and Rescue called the incident “a disgrace” and warned that making such hoax calls is a “serious offence”.

The post read: “The Emergency services got yet another hoax phone call today for the same address for Ferney Road, Carrigaline. They said a 2-year-old was unresponsive this time. So as you can imagine, all the emergency services were out for this one and all of us are shocked that anyone would make up a call like this! It's a disgrace!

“If the person who is making them up is reading this then please stop, it's not funny and it's not cool. This is a serious offence and it's a matter of time until the person responsible gets caught. Please share this, hopefully someone might know something about the caller.” Carrigaline Fire and Rescue said that although the person may have made the call due to “boredom being in isolation”, that the emergency services are not to be used for people’s humour and are to be used for genuine emergency calls only.

In an earlier post dated yesterday morning, Carrigaline Fire and Rescue said: “It's not fair sending us out of our own homes away from our families in search for an incident that never happened. We could have been needed for a serious call elsewhere! And especially when we are trying our best to isolate and keep the Covid-19 virus away from our loved ones as much as possible.” 

Fine Gael councillor Liam O’Connor said that the hoax call which diverted first responders, ambulances, gardaí and the fire service was “disgraceful behaviour”.

“This is disgraceful behaviour, especially in these challenging times for the emergency services, as it diverts services away from genuine cases.

“There needs to be more serious sanctions for anyone abusing the emergency call-out numbers or initiators of hoax and nuisance calls,” he said.

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