Cork singer makes it to the next stage of The Voice UK

Cork singer makes it to the next stage of The Voice UK
Elly O'Keeffe

CORK singer-songwriter Elly O’Keeffe has made it to the knockout stages of The Voice UK, having come out on top at the battle stage last night.

The 31-year-old, who is from Knocknagree in north west Cork, wowed mentor Tom Jones as she battled against teammate Shaun Samonini.

The pair sang a duet of 'I Lived' by OneRepublic.

Following the performance, rapper and judge Will.I.Am said: “Elly, if there was a perfect frequency that every person admires - you have that tone.” Meanwhile, her mentor Tom Jones said: “I thought they both did wonderfully well. The only problem with it is, of course, that it makes my job harder because there’s no more steals. I mean I’ve got a steal, but I can’t steal my own - but I would if I could.” Tom Jones chose Elly, saying she had “the edge,” knowing Shaun would be sent home as no other coaches were able to ‘steal’ him for their team.

“You deserve it. It was wonderful,” her mentor added as she left the stage.

Following her performance Elly said she was “ecstatic” and said she would have to get ready for the next round now. “Oh my goodness it’s going to be even tougher again. I don’t know how I’ll cope,” she laughed.

Elly is now living in London but was involved in the Cork and Irish music scene from a very young age, singing in venues with her family band.

The singer-songwriter released her debut album in 2014 and her vocal talent has earned her comparisons with Eva Cassidy and Janis Joplin.

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