'The male is king – never try to control a man': Suspended sentence for threatening texts sent to ex-partner

'The male is king – never try to control a man': Suspended sentence for threatening texts sent to ex-partner

“The male is king – you should never try to control a man,” it stated in one of a series of threatening texts sent by a young man to his ex-partner and today he was given a six-month suspended jail sentence on related charges.

The 26-year-old pleaded guilty to three charges today at an in-camera hearing of Cork District Court where the parties cannot be identified.

He admitted putting his ex-partner in fear by sending a series of texts. 

He also pleaded guilty to turning up outside her college and telling her to get into his car when she came out from an exam. 

Similarly, he told her to get into his car when he turned up outside her workplace and said he would go into the premises if she refused.

Inspector Gillian Sinnott outlined what occurred in respect of the three charges in December 2019.

Insp Sinnott said the defendant sent numerous texts and made calls that put the young woman in fear.

Judge Con O’Leary asked to see the contents of the texts that were sent to the injured party, which were not disclosed in court.

After reading through them for a few minutes Judge O’Leary commented, “That is very very unpleasant. 

"I see very distorted thinking where he proclaims his concern for the child but it is quite intimidating and irrational in how he should go about that.” 

Eddie Burke, solicitor, said, “Would you accept quite a lot of it is immaturity?” 

Judge O’Leary said, “Oh yes, very suitable word.” 

Judge O’Leary then went on to say that one of the texts said, “The male is king. You should never try to control a man.”

The judge said that power, jealousy and the lack of respect for females came across very strongly.

The accused had a previous conviction for assault causing harm at a nightclub two years ago.

Judge O’Leary imposed a six-month suspended sentence today, put the accused on a 12-month probation bond and adjourned sentencing until January 2021 on one count so that there would still be one part of the case hanging over him.

One of the terms of the probation bond being imposed was that the defendant would complete a parenting course recommended by the child and family agency.

The defendant was required to stay away from his ex-partner and their infant child except as allowed by court order or agreement between legal representatives for the parties.

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