Cork man in Toronto causes controversy with TV kiss 

Cork man in Toronto causes controversy with TV kiss 
Still from CTV Toronto interview.

A Canadian television station has issued an apology for airing a clip which featured a Cork man interrupting an interview to kiss a woman he just met.

In the video, a local woman was asked her opinion on the wearing of face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, however, before she could complete her answer she was abruptly interrupted by a stranger who kissed her without permission.

Despite her surprise, the woman, named as Gillian McKeown, insisted she was fine and was later shown blowing the Cork man a kiss, saying "text me".

She said she had only met the man a short time prior to the interview, saying: "No, I met him for a second with my dog, that’s insane". 

CTV News later spoke to Jack Ring, the man who kissed Ms McKeown, who shrugged off the possibility of contracting or passing on Covid-19 by kissing a stranger, saying "I think the kiss was worth it".

The clip has sparked controversy with viewers highlighting both the danger of kissing a stranger in the midst of a global pandemic and the fact that consent was not given. 

CTV News has apologized for airing the clip which featured "non-consensual behaviour".

"In a story on social distancing, we included an interview with a woman in a park.

"During the interview, a stranger came up to the woman and kissed her directly on the lips. 

"Our story then focused on the dangers of kissing a stranger on the lips during the pandemic. 

"It was wrong to air this video. 

"The video demonstrated non-consensual behaviour and downplayed the fact that what occurred was simply unacceptable and offensive.

"It does not meet CTV news editorial standards and we apologise," the station said. 

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