€117k owed to Cork County Council in derelict sites levies in Carrigaline alone

€117k owed to Cork County Council in derelict sites levies in Carrigaline alone
Cork County Hall.Pic; Larry Cummins

CARRIGALINE Municipal District is looking to chase outstanding levies owed to them by properties on the Derelict Sites Register in order to kickstart some activity and also gather much-needed funds.

Independent councillor Marcia D'Alton said there is at least €117,000 owed to the districts by derelict sites and that may not even the full amount.

Mrs D'Alton said that from information she received there are a number of properties on the derelict sites register that have not paid their levies in over eight years and others that have never been paid at all.

“Dereliction is the scourge of any town, some of these sites are actually physically holding back the development of a town.

“We all speak of dereliction and often we criticise the derelict sites act for not being fit for purpose, but it might be fitter for purpose if we actually used it.” 

Mrs D'Alton outlined that the levies were supposed to be a catalyst for progress on the registered properties.

“Under the act, a levy of 3% of the market value is to be imposed every year and of course the aim is to encourage the owner to move the dereliction or move the property on so somebody else can remove the dereliction.” 

She also said some of the properties on the register were in NAMA ownership and the levies were still not being paid.

“One property is on the derelict sites list since 2011 on that property along there is a cumulative owing on it of €48,000 in levies that have never been paid and what is sad is someone lives next door to that property, and NAMA, a state agency, owns some buildings that I would consider key that have been on the derelict sites register since 2011 and they have not paid their levies. I don’t know to what extent but they are not paid in full.” 

Mrs D'Alton said that it was vital as a function of the district to look for this money.

“However menial the 3% levy is, we have to chase it, we can’t leave derelict properties just sitting there.

“I would like us to go to greater council incorporated and say 'please can we at least pick some of these property owners and pursue them so that they will act as a model to other property owners who are not paying their levies'.” 

The district officer is to revert back to the councillors with additional information on the number of properties on the derelict register in Carrigaline, how much is owed and where the money goes when collected.

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